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G4C Tees Valley 'Careers Carousel'
30th JAN 2023

A&N Safety Consultants we were invited to join the G4C Tees Valley 'Careers Carousel' event at Hartlepool College of Further Education 

The aim of the day was to showcase the professional roles in construction to the college student and some schools who were invited to join the session.

Our committee members Abigail and Andrea hosted an interactive session explaining what health and safety is and why it is important to the world around us. Students were then presented with pictures of construction sites and were tasked with spotting the hazards. A&N's PPE was also part of this session for the students to try on and undersand why wearing PPE is important on site. 

Both teachers and students were very engaging and found the session very enjoyable. We are hopeful that we may have inspired some students to consider a career in health and safety and the construction industry!

Thanks to G4C Tees Valley and the team at Hartlepool College of Further Education for the invite!

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